About Charity Productions

Charity Productions began in 1984 and received its tax exempt status (501c 3) 1988; our outreach format has been successful. Charity Productions has maintained offices on the northeast side of Houston five years (Tidwell and Mesa Rd) as well as having offices for over twenty-two years in the southeast area Scott, Reed Rd. and currently office at 8607 MLK for the past twelve years. Charity Productions has a  volunteer staff and uses contracted services when funded by contract or grant. Charity Productions has service footprints with several initiatives with the City of Houston Health, Police, and Planning Departments and Municipal Courts, Harris County Emergency Management, Harris County Juvenile Probation, Red Cross (southeast and northeast branches), Beaumont and Port Arthur PDs and the Texas Youth Commission dating back to 1987.


Four decades of services and training services with clients such as Dallas, Silsbee, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Galena Park, Texas City, Pasadena and Houston ISD’s (providing parent engagement, dropout prevention, and gang intervention programs). Police Departments includes Beaumont, Port Arthur, City of Houston, University of Houston, Metro, Jefferson County and Houston Community College Police Academies (providing cultural diversity classes).   Short-term services provided for City of Houston Municipal Courts pilot program (1993), (1991-1994;  An Academy for Parents in Education) for the following courts: Judges George Risner, (Galena Park, TX.), Molly Mannes (Pasadena, TX.), Paul Brown (Beaumont, TX.), Richard Scott (Austin, Tex.), and Patrick Doyle, (Galveston, TX).  Charity Productions served as a service provider for the Title One Department in the area of,  Parent Engagement for HISD (1995-200). Currently, Charity Production focusing on mitigation and community safety projects.


Charity Productions has hosted, broadcasted and convened cutting-edge conferences, seminars, symposiums, and workshops related to social, educational, youth, civic, health, job readiness and law enforcement issues dating back to 1988/90 Urban Survival in the 21st Century 1988 – Urban Survival in the 21st Century Social Issues Conference 1990. From 1987 to 1991 Charity hosted seventy local and regional workshops on gang intervention community strategies, in conjunction with every federal law and local enforcement agency responsible for gang enforcement and education, including Galveston and Golden Triangle. In January 2001 (Houston Chronicle) Charity was commissioned by Mayor Lee Brown, to initiate a scientific special needs study that identified barriers for the special needs community as well as stakeholders with resources in during times of disasters. Charity Productions has participated in collaborations with University of Houston, Rice University, Texas Southern University, Houston Community College Central, University of Texas Health Science Center and Texas A&M and MDC/University of North Carolina with the Millennium Neighborhood Project and a FEMA funded project on coastal cities and vulnerable populations respectfully.


Charity Productions most recent forums include Working Together for Readiness 2007-2012 I, II, III, IV, & V, training and mitigating risks for stakeholders with particular emphasis on neighborhoods labeled vulnerable. The series was a joint effort with Charity Productions and co-sponsored by St. Joseph Medical Center, City of Houston Health Department with participating agencies HPD, Texas Southern University, Texas A&M University, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Constables’ Precinct 7, Harris County Hospital District, Houston ISD-PD and stakeholders from twenty-eight neighborhoods.


On the international and national scale, Charity Productions had a fact-finding project in  Guatemala.  The mission was to find out more on the Office of Emergency Management’s early warning systems (2009).  Also, we engaged in a Sister City Project Haiti, raised funds and supplies for non-profit, also invited to represent La Raza at a National Red Cross (2008) meeting to improve strategies that included small community-based organizations in the recovery process. Attended FEMA’s African American Leadership Summit (2010) and the Emergency Management Institute workshop for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (2009), with Texas Southern University both in the Washington DC area. Co-hosted Public Policy with Symposium, Texas Southern University – Barbara Jordon Mickey Leeland School of Public Affairs (2011).