Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs

Photos are from August 23, 2013, ceremony TSU’s  Mc Coy Auditorium with a brief historical narrative. Group photo with Professor M. Adams, T. Russell and H. Lawson, President J. Rudley and Provost S. Ohia.  Major Done and Charles shared moments from the days (1993 – 1997) when Charity Productions provided sensitivity training for the Beaumont, Port Arthur PDs, and Jefferson County Sheriffs.

Former City Councilman C. O. Bradford, Professor Carroll Robinson, former City Councilman Larry Green, and guest were also attending the ceremony below.

  Janice Weaver, Congresswoman Lee’s office, Tony Russell and Charles photo.  Paul Magaziner watches closely.        

When the Emergency Management – Homeland Security Journey Ended and Began

“A legacy is now in Motion.”

Texas Southern University is the first and only university in Texas, to offer a Bachelor of Science in the field of Emergency Management – Homeland Security, (EM-HS).  There were two journeys, one within the ranks of the university and two an external  six-year journey from 2007 to 2013, encouring the univerity to take this step.  On August 23, 2013, Texas Southern University completed the first phase of the journey and had the inaugural ceremony marking this historic moment in the Mc Coy Auditorium.

Charity Productions was the coordinator of the event and sent invitations to members of the EH-HS  communities.  There were two professionals representing two giant HS-EM institutions requested as speakers, that would properly stamp this moment in emergency management chronicles – Tony Russell, Superintendent EMI, and Hank Lawson, Director of Training NERTC, Texas A & M University System.  Also invited was Major Done, Director of Lamar Institute of Technology’s Homeland Security Two-Year Degree Program (LIT).  The invitation was sent with the notion that an articulation agreement or feeder pattern relationship with LIT graduating students would evolve.  LIT was the first Two-Year Homeland  Security degree program in Texas.

In 2008, and a series of workshops, meetings, and trips to Texas A & M University’s Texas Engineering Extension Service, (TEEX), and Sam Houston State University’s, Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement  Management Institute of Texas, (LEMIT).   Many tours were part of a process of orientation needed to generate interest from TSU’s administration in 2007, with Gloria Walker, COO, Dr. R. Ford, Vice President of Outreach, Dr. James Douglas, President, Dr. T. Herrington, Dean, Dr. F. Jones, Department Chair, Dr. O. Kamau, Director University Library, Dr. J. Rudley, President, Dr. Sunny Ohia, Provost and Dr. M. Adams.

In 2008, Charity Productions was commissioned by Dr. Kamau, to provided federally mandatory training in the ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800 training for library staff.  Four staff members completed the courses and received certificates from the Emergency Management Institute.

In 2009, Charles was invited to attend training for Historically Black Colleges and University’s (HBCU) at the Emergency Management Institute, in Emmitsburg MD.  On January 2009, along with Professor Robert Ford and Ronald Key, (Terry Library), see the article on Community Reports page of this website, (from Tiger E-News Now, April 8-14, 2009).

The new chapters and journey are just beginning.