Advocacy and You

This means you!

Calling all advocates!

Advocacy is a needed function by any and all people at some point, about something, at some time.

For the expressed purpose of this website’s subject matter and mission to inform, we will highlight from time to time specific categories and examples of why advocacy is a proven tool in the toolbox.  The art of support is particularly necessary due to stereotypical attitudes by people in the political arena, through public policy and program funding.  Other areas such as the media through reporting and depictions, in law enforcement in arrests and police shootings of unarmed citizens, in the judicial branch by convictions and longer sentencing, in the educational field by graduation rates and dropout rates and school closings, and lastly unemployment rates for African Americans and fewer bank loans.  Therefore, advocates should be aware of the manufactured barriers used to deny, delay and discourage tactics deployed to reduce the effectiveness of advocacy.    Find a box and start making your toolbox.


Advocacy Focus Meetings with stakeholders – several guest presenters.

Other comments on types of bias

Types of Media Bias 1