Social Infrastructure Realizing Capacity

Statement of Consciousness

The core values that are essential ingredients that formulates strategies carried out by governments, universities and the private business sector needs modification, in terms of outreach to populations with unmet needs.  Much of the low performing conditions in various neighborhoods are due to in part or in full by governmental design and influence.  We at Charity Productions have determined that there is a wealth of untapped resources in neighborhoods labeled marginal is ripe to being converted into productive transformation vehicles in most cases.  What is disputable are the attempt to ethically justify the decades of misuse, manipulation or gaining an advantage by keeping people uninformed or misinformed on matters of quality of life?   Our focus has roots in the sixty-year pattern of neglect through public policy, leadership at all levels and greed that has produced this repairable or reversible state of neighborhoods in Houston.  The practice of UPPER HANDED tactical resource excavation from communities has evolved into an accepted method accompanied by psychobabble.  The pattern extraction of data and resources by government and researchers applied to an indigenous knowledge that furthers academic, medical and financial platforms, could become an incubator of transformation.

Replacing the traditional smash and crab models, maybe the Anchor Institutions and Communities model.   The value of community participatory researcher findings may be in a metamorphic and trans-formative for the drill down benefits for populations labeled as vulnerable.  Having a more problem solving programmatic vehicle that includes advocacy toward public policy reform, promotes practical sustainable growth.    The current usage favors the researchers to gain more added value and tangible outcomes than the partner.   In some cases this results in a grossly disproportionate value added to the community partner.

For example, we reviewed the value of volunteer hours.  Calculating volunteer hours is a standard component of grants and framing outcomes, benefits and projection strategies.  In Houston, we have not seen an incline in sustainable programs lead by the people that are being studied or in need of empowerment.

Calculating volunteer time which could be processed into trans-formative moments toward strengthening the quality of life matters is a must to compete with shrinking budgets and personnel.   Social capital, transformed into community capital transformed into infrastructure community capital that becomes a community wellness multiplier factor and benefit.

Social Capital

  • Noun, Sociology.  1. the interpersonal relationships, institutions, and other social assets of a society or group that can be used to gain an advantage: the impact of social capital on productivity and economic well-being; how women accumulate social cap.

Community Capital as described in Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam

The human value regarding civic, social and political contexts.

The Value of Volunteer Time — Independent Sector

  • $24.14per hour Estimated Value of Volunteer Time for 20161 **The 2017 Value of Volunteer Time will be released in April 2018.** National Value of Volunteer Time The …
  • $23.07 Non-Profit Times 2015 — The Washington, D.C.-based advocacy coalition for nonprofits updates the figure annually, including a state-level breakdown for the previous year. The values ranged from a low of $19.31 in Arkansas to a high of $39.86 per hour in the District of Columbia:
  • Some views of what social capital in action looks like in action.