Report Card-Summer 2014

We want to thank you for your interest and participation in the electoral process.  We will include you in our development of a better selection and evaluation process of candidates that say they want to represent you and your interest.  Stay tuned to this channel for announcements.

  • 2013 Report Cards for All Members of Congress


  • Armenian National Committee of America


  • Global Solution Action Network



o Earth Rights International Report Card

You would be surprised of some of the legislation that elected officials are writing.   The above links are to give you a sense and a reference demonstrating that elected officials are being judged, rated, ranked and evaluated.   The question is, are you participating in the process of rating, judging, ranking and evaluating your elected official.   The answer would most likely be no.   You keep voting them back in office and not getting any return.   Before we publish the report card we will give you the definition, job description of an elected official and other factors that can help you measure the performance of an elected official.   Not just social and feel good sound bites.   Community Views and Solutions Sunday August 8/10/2014 2:00pm KCOH radio 1230 on the am dial.