Charity Productions service matrix involves and revolves around multiple disciplines and service sectors.  Operationally Charity Productions services are connected by circumstance and institutional relationships that have proven to be dysfunctional in specific zip codes.  Charity Productions’ target audience is the open market or the general public, private sector and government.

Mission: To close or reduce tax-based service gaps for vulnerable populations as well as to morph into a consumer affairs resource in general

Audience: To improve our niche audience condition from one of the compounded disparities and needs to resilient stakeholders

Objective:  To become a more robust provider partner and subcontractor for services with government entities to transform low performing service delivery into a cost effective and productive relationship

Goal: To reduce the loss of life and property by using the mitigation process as the introduction to transforming neighborhoods service partners with government service delivery systems


Tier One, Categories:

  • Public Health – Public Safety – Public Education – Public Housing – Public Transportation – Public Policy – Economic Development – Environmental Justice

Tier Two, Service Deliverable Platforms:

  • Discovery and Informational Discussions – Advocacy  Strategies – Research – Training – Policy Development – Conferences – Small Group Organizing – Situation Projects

Tier Three, Active Initiatives:

  • Mobil Food Distribution – Civil Rights Complaint against HISD – Urban Archeology Blue Print: Designing Neighborhood Solutions – Living With Water Series – University collaborative to improve service delivery for vulnerable populations or marginalized populations – School Safety

Below are some of our past clients or collaborations along with our service snapshot.  Double click for larger view.