We provide informational platforms, advocacy data, and training services.


We provide compliance training for institutions and individuals that are under federal mandates under the National Incident Management System and the National Preparedness Goals

  • Homeland Security and Workforce for Students and Parents Dual Credits and Service Learning Secondary and Higher Education WWeb-BasedClassroom Conferencing Corporate and community partnerships Development Administrative In-Service Training Community Public Safety Resource Training Centers (CPSRTC) Community Surveillance and Wireless Internet

Primary Services for School Districts and Parents

We provide a flexible parent involvement component, titled – An Academy for Parents In Education. We offer a five-topic workshop addressing Student Code of Conduct, Juvenile Justice, Managing Stages of Youth Behavior, and Accessing Social Services.

  • TITLE PROGRAMS SEMESTER BY SEMESTER Title I Parent Involvement, Title Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantage, Title II School Dropout Prevention, Title IV School Safety & Drug-Free Schools, Title IV Part A Innovative Programs and Title IX Uniform Provisions


We provide training Compliance with Presidential Directive # 5, the National Incident Management System, and the National Response Framework are matters of promising practice and good sense. Campus safety for institutions of higher learning, K-12,  and charter schools for compliance as well as part of their campus improvement plans.

  • Emergency Operation Plans (Annexes) & Alignment with Local EOC National Incident Management System Courses Presidential Directive # 5 Chapter 37 Texas School Law Bulletin School Safety Audits School Safety Drills and Exercises, 24 Hour Internet Surveillance, Background Checks and Finger Printing Referrals

Private Sector Partnerships — to be added 2018 

University Collaboratives — to be added 2018