Community Exchange Breakfast

Comm. Breakfast

In 2002 Charity started the Community Partnership Breakfast with the idea that grassroots leaders and community based organizations have been under-funded and under trained to effectively advocate and implement service delivery goals for their homeowners or residents. Civic clubs were the corner stone for civic engagement at the neighborhood level from 1945 to about 1977. However, civic clubs need an upgrade in their advocacy role, service delivery menu, outreach strategies, and private sector funding partners to retool their effectiveness.

From 1945 to about 1977 civic clubs enjoyed their most effective advocacy and community service years, from 1978 to about 1985 civic clubs went into seemingly a neutral mode. In 1985 the worst social and criminal period in minority neighborhoods and the United States of America happened that devastated our social fabric, “CRACK COCAINE”.

In 1986 Charity Productions engaged civic clubs, pta’s, precinct judges and pastors, to form Sunny Side Neighborhood Center 8008 Scott as a community based organization. This was one of the first community collaboration efforts that included every city, county, private sector, and federal agencies severing Houston. This effort evolved to the current HPD store front located on Reed Rd today. This collaboration included 8 PTAs, 23 civic clubs, 18 precinct judges and a host of clergy from the Southeast area (New Age, Houston Defender and Forward Times News Papers 1987). Using Sunny Side Neighborhood Center successes Charity established the Community Partnership Breakfast in 2002 in Sunny Side. The first breakfast was held at Pentecostal Baptist Church with 135 attending this historic community engagement meeting.