Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast Guidelines

Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast 2002-2018

Overview and Guidelines

History:  The community partnership exchange breakfast is a community based launched effort beginning in 2002.  This event has been designed on a first come first served basis. Our core set of principles revolve around fact-based information distribution, .and community-participatory research.   This effort is formed on the premise of functioning as a self-sustaining action item.     In October 2002 we became a living organism with 135 community stakeholders from several neighboring subdivisions, now we active in over 60 neighborhoods, Houston Harris County.  In 2010 and 2013 we added six additional breakfasts on the northeast and west which gives us ten breakfasts a year in three sections of Houston.  From 2016-2018 we have made several adjustments and we will post more of our events in early 2018. 

Mission:  Our mission evolves attracting stakeholders to become action orientated advocates using fact-based presentations. Thereby, compiling a positive track record of advocacy that inspires existing and new homeowners, businesses and other stakeholders to work together for the common good of the neighborhood.

Purpose:  These breakfasts serve as a non-partisan taxpayer resource pool, a repository of collective civic history, social interaction, cultural enrichment, business exchange, political platforms, and a springboard of diverse views.

Objective: Using the concept management by objectives, we will enrich grassroots leadership, develop programmatic activities through civic clubs that advocate for scientific based solutions that can reduce inequities connected with tax-based service delivery primarily.

Geography and Demographics: All breakfasts are held in private venues that we rent.  The average attendees at the South/Southcentral location are about 480 with a capacity 600, the highest attendance being 800 in 2006.  The northeast breakfast averages 240, with the highest audience of 310, with a size of 400, and the North West, our newest location since 2013 averages about 106 with a capacity of 180.   We serve age groups from 22 – 102 years with an estimated voter profile 95%; with a cross-section of the employed and retired workforce from all sectors.  We do not guarantee the number of people that will attend any breakfast.

Security and Safety:  The safety and security of these breakfasts are most important to us, and we will have ushers or and paid security to escort out any participant off premises exhibiting unacceptable or unauthorized behavior regardless to their position.  These events are held at private venues, and we reserved the right provide a safe environment for our guests.

Co-Sponsorships:  Are open to individuals, corporate, the private sector, governmental, and other interested parties with interest in marketing goods and services or reaching a concentrated group of taxpayers.


Media:  Our media partner is CPI Media Group a part of Charity Productions responsible for recording and promoting these breakfasts has all publishing rights.  All other media outlets are not allowed without prior approval from CPI Media Group.  Our guidelines are revised annually or as needed: (12/3/2009 first enacted), 9/4/2011 2nd revision, 12/28/2011 3rd revision, 11/27/2012 4th revision, 9/2/2015 5th   12/16/2017 6th revision. Revised 2/19/18