Skillful Enchanter or Skillful Deceiver? Terry Grier In his own words

Terry Grier: Skillful Enchanter or Skillful Deceiver   Either-way he is lying about something.  That is a fact.

From the 2012 State of the School Address HISD – Go to HISD website:

“None of this achievement could happen if students didn’t feel safe in their schools. The number of crimes reported on HISD campuses last year is 9 percent lower than 5 years ago. Our daily attendance rate is 95 percent. These are clear signs of the positive cultural shift happening across our schools under the leadership of strong and caring principals and teachers”  Terry Grier.

“We’re determined to recruit back hundreds of students who have left these historic neighborhood schools by offering them what they want and deserve: safe schools that offer rigorous teaching that leads to consistently high achievement. I’m convinced that the schools that suffered from years of neglect will soon produce a generation of graduates prepared to lead Houston, and their proud neighborhoods, into a bright and prosperous future. And I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s about time.”

This is psychobabble.  A lie and full of bull.  He is closing schools in these same neighborhoods that he is speaking about.  CXW


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