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There is no problem that exist in the construct of people and neighborhoods that cannot be solved.  The core construct that includes: education, economics, housing, health, crime and time.  Over the past sixty years these constructs have formed the same patterns in roughly every urban setting that black people reside.

The tools used to capture and sustain this condition is couched in public policies and greed.  The war on drugs and the war on poverty are two examples of failed one way initiatives that black people were left holding the bag.  Those  failed experiments made many people rich and many universities wrote papers and received research grants but the problem hasn’t improved.

The War on Poverty: What Went Wrong? – Brookings Institution — The war on poverty has progressed little since the 1960s, and for the last three years, the poverty rate has been at or above 15 percent. Ron Haskins explains ..The War on Poverty: 50 Years Later – House Budget Committee   — Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty. Since then, Washington has created dozens of programs and spent trillions of dollars.
The United States War on Drugs – Stanford University — Four Presidents have personally waged war on drugs. Unfortunately, it is a war that …. Marijuana decriminalization did not fail, but failed to be realized. Carter’s …

The war on drugs failed. It’s time for a war on abuse – CNN – CNN.com  — Jun 15, 2018 – Natalie Schreyer and Jessica Klein write that it’s time to reallocate law enforcement and judicial resources to fighting domestic and partner …
The ‘war on drugs’ in numbers: a systematic failure of policy | World … — Apr 19, 2016 – A UN meeting about ending the world’s drug problem is likely to be contentious – even when it comes to the terminology used to describe the …
Closing the Achievement Gap for African-American Males: An …  — In the United States, a black public school student is suspended every four seconds, while every 27 seconds a black high school student drops out of school.

Research based departments of higher education and the private sector have a common trait that stains the communities in which they target to allegedly assist.  That common trait is the condition that existed before they came still exists after they leave.  if and when there is a measure of success, the success is bound to the three to five year funding cycle and then back to the new normal crisis.

However, they leave with the GOLD or community institutional knowledge that they seek to write another paper or apply for another grant. The two bodies of knowledge represents volumes of lessons learned, and experiential learning that could open interdisciplinary application strategies, that in five to seven years a world of improvement could be achieved and sustained.  Both bodies of  knowledge are more complementary than contradictory.  New knowledge platform would offer possible solutions models that could reduce the catastrophic cycle of neglect, in neighborhoods labeled as under-served. cxw

Research Models and Principles:

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