Where does HISD get it’s money?

In many meetings with HISD a representative may ask a question like; how many of you have a child in HISD? When this question is asked it could give the impression that if you don’t have a child in HISD your comments are not valid. This post is designed to give the rest of the story and to say if you are a homeowner, renter or business owner you have a lot to say about what HISD should be doing.

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72.6% Local
• Property taxes paid by homeowners and businesses make up the bulk of the funds that go to HISD. Unlike the City of Houston, the district doesn’t get any money from sales taxes. Local revenue collected from property taxes makes up about 72.6% of the operating budget.
23.4% State
• The Texas Education Agency oversees funding from the state. Through a complex formula, the program ensures that all public school districts receive funding based on attendance calculation. State revenue makes up the difference between total revenue earned and local tax revenue. About 23.4% of HISD’s operating budget funding comes from the state but the state’s share has been decreasing each year.

To degree donations, fees, interest income and other miscellaneous sources also are revenues. These funds are used to offset the cost of operating the district in addition to the funds generated from tax revenue and state funding and provide approximately 4% of the general operating budget.

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