Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast  solutions focused community of stakeholders-

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                  Our History

The community partnership is a community based launched an effort with a mission to improve civic engagement by distributing information that mobilizes stakeholders to advocate for better tax-based service delivery. In October 2002, our first breakfast at

Pentecostal MBC, with 135 attendees. The breakfasts are scheduled every quarter, always on Thursdays. These breakfasts aim to improve grassroots leadership and community capital, increase programmatic activities through civic clubs or mutual interest, and advocate for tax-based service delivery improvements. These breakfasts serve as a resource pool, a repository of collective civic history, social interaction, cultural enrichment, business exchange, political platforms, and a springboard of diverse access and direct referral access.
                  Our Goal

The goal at the time and still is to host these flagship events in every quarter of the city totaling sixteen annually. We have hosted breakfast in northeast Houston for ten years, northwest Houston for four years, southwest

Houston for one year, and southeast Houston for twenty years. These breakfasts are self-funded or funded by co-sponsors, selling advertisements, booth space, and commercials. After the first three breakfasts, our attendance ranged from 360 to 430, with our highest attendance estimated at nearly 800 people in 2007, Bethel Baptist Church. COVID 19 hit in March 2020; our last north side breakfast convened on February 20, 2020, at Northside MBC. We held a quarterly gathering in December 2021, January 2022, June 2022, and now our Commemorative breakfast on October 20, 2022.  COVID PROTOCOLS ENFORCED. Method of payment check, cashier’s check, money order, PayPal, other payment methods coming soon. ALL SALES FINAL.
              Our Guidelines

Guidelines – began in 2009 and are updated as needed. The years before 2009 were our learning curve on why and what type of guidelines were required. New policy adoptions are in January – circumstances may warrant immediate adoption. Safety, Security, and Private Event The safety and security of our guests are of the utmost importance to us. These breakfasts are non-partisan, and we extend invitations to members of the human family. We have ushers, police officers, or designated escorts to remove persons exhibiting disruptive behavior. The

breakfasts are private venues, and we post signage stating we must have tickets to enter and private event. These breakfasts are free to non-elected officials. Checks can be mailed to 8607 MLK Houston, Texas 77033. Co-Sponsors – As part of our crowd control since 2009, we have scaled back on attendees, co- sponsors, and vendors. All co-sponsorships are to be paid 15 days before the event.