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Engagement - Service and Advocacy

Health, Diet, You and Community

Charity 2019 Focus on Eating To Live. Interactive: Do you live in one of Houston’s many food deserts … Dec 15, 2015 – In Gibbs’ neighborhood, fast-food chains and convenience…
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Mitigating and Recovery Neighborhood Links and Resources

This section is designed to advance our core values related to the moving parts of what and how stakeholders can infuse bottom up management  to government, elected officials, universities, private…
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Why Volunteer? Volunteering and Return on Investment

This segment will particularly focus on the value added with citizens participation.  Who under values stakeholder knowledge? The first tier are community peers, and the individual stakeholder themselves. The next…
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Technology Education and Engagement

Computer Education and Technology awareness opportunity for the community. Scholarly articles for Technology Education and Engagement Engagement and achievements: A case study of … – ‎Council on Technology … –…
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