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Calculating the buying power of blacks in America is a natural act of business. It should likewise be a natural act of business to calculate an exit strategy or track to stop the downfall of black people under some jurisdictional government to improve the unmet needs of thousands of people.

“African American influence will continue to grow as their buying power does – which is projected to reach $1.8T by 2024. Largely driving the expected increase in buying power, the Black population is on track to grow by 22% between 2020-2060, compared to a 27% decrease in the non-Hispanic White population during that same time.” Nielsen IQ…

Charles X White

Types of Direct Services We Provide
Focus Group Flood Mitigation

A partnership between Charity Productions and Texas A&M University’s Clark Construction Endowed Professor, Amir H. Behzadan, Ph.D.

Public Policy
Public Policy moves money and hides money. Until and unless citizens master the basic mechanics of how polices become the rule of law and equitable service delivery taxpayers will be vulnerable to the masters of the law.
Television/Radio and Advocacy Shows

Charity Productions has been providing media content in the form of research documentaries and advocating for subdivisions with unmet services and disparities in tax-based service delivery systems. Hosting radio shows on AM and FM stations, Let’s Fix This, and television shows like Community Views and Solutions.

Parent Engagement
Charity Productions has a long history of providing parent workshops. Our delivery includes An Academy for Parents in Education, former clients Houston Independent School District, Title One Consultant, and eleven Justices of the Peace.
Classroom Management
As part of our College and Career tracks FEMA online courses are offered to 11th and 12th graders from Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies – STEM School. Students from our 2022-2023 class visited the National Weather Service on a learning expedition. Charity Productions has provided school safety and other outreach services to Tekoa since 2004.
Tabletop Field Exercise
Charity Productions has been providing tabletop exercises since 1999, for citizens and civic clubs in underserved subdivisions. Charity Productions utilizes the FEMA playbook on structuring, corrective action plans forms, and training for tabletop exercises.
FEMA Online Courses
Our course work is hosted by the FEMA Emergency Management Institute.
Outreach Contact Platforms
Social Media has evolved from a gossip platform person to person to using an advanced form of technology. Charity Productions uses Facebook, Instagram, twitter, robocalls, e-blasts, mail, and word of mouth to get our messages to the public.
Data Analytics & Surveys
Charity Productions utilizes three institutions universities, community members, and trial and error. We collect data at our meetings through surveys and polls, then when tally the responses and then we translate the results into a program that addresses a specific need. We also collaborate with subject matter experts.
Processing Department
In 2023, Charity Productions is establishing a complaint department. This department will aid citizens in processing various types of forms and applications such as, insurance, disaster reimbursement forms, and forms related to consumer issues.
Research Projects
We have evidence that research is a missing link in the modern era in grassroots advocacy. It took science to get black people into this downward fall and it will take science to help stop the fall.
Civic Engagement
Civic Engagement requires a basic level of having the ability to follow an evidence-based set of protocols. By establishing a scientific approach will enhance advocacy outcomes for environmental and social justice matters.

Data Intake Processing Analytics

Our flagship breakfast servers as one of our consumer survey and polling data collection sites

TAMU/CP Climate Camp
Next-Gen Guardians of the Gulf – Next Generation Leadership Climate Summer Camp 
  • Neighborhood Threat Assessment 
  • Tabletop & Field Exercises
  • Preparedness, Mitigation Planning
  • Public Policy and Underserved Neighborhoods
  • A. I. Water Management 
  • School Safety K-12, Higher Education Planning

School Safety Consulting

Mitigation, Operational Planning, and Field Exercises.
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