Homeland Security and Increasing Citizens Capacity

Congresswoman Sheila J. Lee attended Charity Productions’ 16th annual All Hazard Field Exercise 2014 in Pleasantville

Homeland Security is not just a federal government tool.  This page is a combination reference for scholars, professionals, practitioners, and community.

Charity Productions efforts to engage, encourage and guide citizens in the conventional sense safety practices is our primary mission – safety first and last.  Having a state of preparedness in the public arena is the new normal. However, most under served zip codes are in a constant state of crisis.  Below are links to sites that will provide a variety of safety protocols, as well as performance measures related to domestic safety.  Mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, resilience and other self-assessing tools. Click images and links.   Charity Productions introduction to the cycle and fundamentals of emergency management courses.Final Course Flyer-3 (1)

National Response Framework (FEMA) | Homeland Security

  • The Framework establishes a comprehensive, national, allhazards approach to domestic incident response

Safety toolbox links

Action Items and Events

Photos below represent two events (1) 2014 15th annual all hazard field exercise and (2) Scholars, Professionals, Practitioners and Community Mixer October 5, 2017.  The purpose is to create a functional solution relationship between theory and practice. Currently, citizens viewed as  a multiplier factor in terms as a practicial solution to a personnel shortage, is slow to enter the governments model.

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