Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to utilize existing tested data and successful strategies added with field experiences that will produce better outcomes that includes invested stakeholder to jointly implemented solutions at the neighborhood level.   

Our Vision is to see a ten percent decrease in complaints and municipal service delivers as well as the private sector providers.  

Our Goal is to submit one million dollars in request for funding to fully staff and train five teams of three staff per subdivision by the end of 2024.

Our Objective is to grow our service capacity along with revenue receivables. That will allow us to operate our strategies in multiples of five subdivisions per-year.  

Our Leadership Team

  • Founder & CEO, Charles X White

Our Board of Directors

  • Chairman Jacques D. Denkins, DMin. 
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Sonya Muhammad
  • Member, Charles Gilford, MA., Businessman 
  • Member, Byron Jones, Pastor & Businessman


  • Jasmine Ayers, BA.
  • Alexander Gonzales 

Contract Services 

  • Ann McCoy, Ph.D. Psychologist
  • Girtha William, Social Worker
  • George Baugh, CPA

We make sustainable and scalable improvements that are functional.

Charity Productions has been in the field of reducing service gaps for nearly forty years, and we have found measures that will close service gaps administered by the public and private sectors. Our new and improved methods are rooted in scalable procedures with multi-directional applications.

We are operating in our thirty-eighth year on a 75% self-funded budget with 25% through public contributions. We have a five-member board of directors. We operate with standard accounting procedures and a local CPA, and payrolls service.

Trust the Science
Charity Productions is a data-driven, community-focused entity working with scholars, scientists, and practitioners to discover sustainable solutions based on needs, data collection, experiments, and analytics.

“Our task involves integrating scientific methods and mathematical calculations that organize social and community capital into a positive force multiplier in reducing generational service gaps in vulnerable populations.”

— Charles X White
Our Purpose

Our purpose is to expand and distribute demonstrated successes on a larger scale utilizing institutional community knowledge and assets that allow us to avoid traditional pitfalls experienced by various service providers, municipalities, NGOs, and CBOs.

Our Process
Our process includes upgrading Indigenous stakeholders’ resources and bankable assets, converting those assets into evidence-based practices, and evolving into high-performing, resilient groups of consumers regardless of zip code.

Our Objective

Our objective involves using scientific methods for projects directed toward underserved populated neighborhoods by co-partnering citizens-staffed neighborhood resource service hubs.

Our Method

Our method involves supplying trained, vetted, and invested stakeholders to mitigate and augment the human resources shortage touted by providers and elected officials.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our drill-down and cross-cultural marketing features provide a standard table of needs and service gap solutions with pathways that reach underserved stakeholders.


Change is a process that is delayed in neighborhoods described as vulnerable or marginal, however, that can change with evidence-based research applications over time, a consutomer satisfaction and funding.

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