Xchange Breakfast Overview
Community Partnership Xchange Breakfast

Terms and Conditions. 2022-2023

One of our flagship outreach events is the Community Partnership Xchange Breakfast. The largest of its kind in the state of Texas. Spanning 80, subdivisions.

Guidelines and Co-Sponsorships

Guidelines Development – began in 2009 and are updated as needed. The years before 2009 were our learning curve years on why and what type of guidelines were required. New policy adoptions are in January – circumstances may warrant immediate adoption. These breakfasts are non-partisan, and we extend invitations to members of the human family. We have ushers, police officers, or designated escorts to remove persons exhibiting disruptive behavior.

The breakfasts are held at private venues, and we post signage stating you must have an official ticket to enter Charity Productions’ private events. These breakfasts are not free to non-elected officials, vendors, or for-profit businesses or services. All co-sponsorship payments must be in hand 15 days before the event. Our mailing address is 8607 MLK Houston, Texas 77033.

Co-Sponsors – As part of our crowd control since 2009, we have scaled back on attendees, co-sponsors, and vendors. All co-sponsorships are to be paid 15 days before the event. If not, you are subject to a $150.00, late fee. if a person or business is seeking a co-sponsorship the day of the event or pop-up, an additional $450.00, is added, in cash, money order, or cashier’s check. All sales final. Yes, in the past we have had bounced checks.

Co-sponsorships for all or any candidates or elected officials are required. Underwriters or co-sponsors are open to individuals, corporate, the private sector, governments, agencies, and other interested parties seeking an advertising, marketing, or promotional advantage for a product or service — all sales final. If a co-sponsor is unable to attend the day of the event — two announcements will be made about their co-sponsorship. Advertisement is separate and different from co-sponsorship. We make no guarantees to the size of the public that will attend any event including the breakfast.

Co-Sponsorships – Terms and Conditions

Checks payable to Charity Productions 15 days before an event, all sales final. We can receive payments from our PayPal account on our website

If a candidate shows up as a pop-up on the day of an event there is a $450.00 pop-up late fee.

Checks made payable to Charity Productions – we are encouraging payments to be submitted by the prescribed time frame to avoid additional late fees before the deadline dates. All sales are final, with no refunds.

  1. Late fee deadline: 1 day after the 15-day deadline – $150.00, is added after 15 days.
  2. Pop up or day of event late fee deadline: in 2023, – add $450.00 after this date – added to the co-sponsorship amount – day of the event possible no entry.
  3. We accept PayPal, cashier’s checks, money orders, or cash – All sales final.
  4. No materials on cars in the parking lot, the fine will be assessed at $5.00 per car, and invoice your campaign.
  5. If the candidate has paid for co-sponsorship and does not attend, no refunds.
  6. Newsletter, announcement, and event promotional materials are not part of the co-sponsorship price, nor are promotional announcements or photos part of the co-sponsorship. A candidate can take pictures while in the info-social parts of the event! No professional photographers or news outlets or print media outlets are permitted to take photos, without written authorization from Charity Productions, on official stationery or stamp. Revised 2/20/23.
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